Apple Pay™ for Glass City Debit & Credit Cards

Glass City Federal Credit Union is pleased to offer Apple Pay as a payment option for all Glass City Visa Credit and Debit cardholders. Upon adding a Glass City Visa Credit or Debit Card to Apple Pay on a compatible iphone or device, cardholders can make in-store purchases with a single touch or wave of their phone at the contactless reader at participating retailers and restaurants. Apple Pay is also compatible with the iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 or newer versions for in-app purchases.

Payments via Apple Pay are private and secure as each transaction is authorized with a one-time, unique security code. The cardholder’s card number and information are never exposed with Apple Pay, as there is no need to present a card at check-out.

Instructions to set up Apple Pay on your iPhone 6 or newer:

To add your Glass City Visa Credit or Debit Card to your iPhone for Apple Pay:

  1. On your iPhone, open Wallet or go to “Settings” > Passbook & Apple Pay.
  2. Tap “Add Credit or Debit Card”
  3. If your Glass City Visa is the supported credit/debit card for your iTunes account, simply enter the card’s security code (the 3-digit code on the back of the card). Otherwise:
  4. Use your phone’s camera to capture the information on your credit/debit card OR enter your Card details as prompted: name (exactly as listed on your card), card number, expiration date and security code; Tap “next.”
  5. Your card will then be “verified” for Apple Pay.
  6. You will be prompted to call an Activation Line to confirm your identity/card information.
  7. After your card is verified, tap “next.”
  8. You can now start using Apple Pay for in-store and in-app purchases.

Please visit for further instruction and to add Apple Pay to your other compatible devices.

Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is Apple’s mobile payments service that allows you to use your phone or device instead of swiping a credit or debit card for in-store purchases.

What do I need to use Apple Pay?

  •  iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus (or newer) with iOS 8.1 or above (Apple Pay in stores and within apps)
  • iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, or iPad mini or newer versions (Apple Pay within apps)
  • Apple Watch paired with a compatible iPhone (Apple Pay in stores)

How do I use Apple Pay for in-store purchases?

To make an in-store payment, simply hold your iPhone near the contactless reader with your finger on Touch ID. Or you can double-click the Home button when your iPhone is locked to access Wallet and quickly make your purchases. If using an Apple Watch, double-press the side button and hold your device near the contactless reader.  You will receive a confirmation on your iPhone or Apple Watch to inform you of payment completion.

To determine Apple Pay vendor compatibility, look for one of these symbols at checkout or in the Maps app:


Apple Pay


How secure is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is safer than using a traditional credit or debit card. Every transaction on your iPhone or iPad requires you to authenticate with Touch ID or your passcode. Your Apple Watch is protected by the passcode that only you know, and your passcode is required every time you put on your Apple Watch. Your card number and identity aren’t shared with the merchant, and your actual card numbers aren’t stored on your device or on Apple servers. For more information about Apple Pay security and privacy, visit

How does Apple Pay keep my information private?

When you pay in stores, neither Apple nor your device sends your actual credit or debit card numbers to merchants. When you pay in apps, the merchant will only receive information like name, email address, billing and shipping addresses you authorize to share to fulfill your order. Apple Pay retains anonymous transaction information such as approximate purchase amount. This information can’t be tied back to you and never includes what you’re buying. Apps that use Apple Pay must have a privacy policy that you can view which governs the use of your data. For more details, visit

Will I have to sign a receipt or enter a pin when paying with Apple Pay?

As you do today with a plastic credit card, you may need to sign a receipt, depending on the store and the transaction amount.

Please visit for more details regarding the following:

  • Apple Pay privacy and security
  • How to set up Apple Pay on your other compatible devices
  • How to return an item purchased in-store with Apple Pay
  • What to do if your device is lost or stolen


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