For Glass City Platinum Visa Rewards Points Credit Cardholders

Loyalty Rewards Logo with Glass City Credit Card


Loyalty Rewards is the Rewards Points program for our Platinum Visa Credit Card Rewards Points cardholders.

It’s an enhanced Rewards Points program:
– Earn one point for every dollar spent
– Redeem points for merchandise, travel, gift cards and more!
– Earn 500 points upon registering to view your Loyalty Rewards point balance at the link below

Click here to view your Loyalty Rewards point balance and redemption options or log in to Home or Mobile Banking. See instructions below. 

About Loyalty Rewards:
  • For every dollar you spend with your Glass City Platinum Visa you earn one Loyalty Rewards point!
  • Redeem Loyalty Rewards points for merchandise, travel, gift cards and more!
  • See below for Frequently Asked Questions about Loyalty Rewards.

Q. How do I know if I have a Loyalty Rewards Platinum Visa Credit Card? 

A. Your card will begin with 4095531.

Q. Do I earn Loyalty Rewards Points with my Glass City Rewards points Visa?

A. You automatically earn one Loyalty Rewards point for every dollar spent with your Glass City Visa.

Q. How do I register my Glass City Visa credit card to view my Loyalty Rewards point balance?

A. You may register to view your point balance and redemption options via:

  • Home or Mobile Banking: Click the “Loyalty Rewards”  link listed under your Visa Credit Card account listing

Q. After Glass City FCU’s System Upgrade (on June 27, 2021) will I have to re-register my loyalty rewards visa on the Loyalty Rewards site?

A. If you receive an error message upon entering your User Name and Password in the Loyalty Rewards redemption site, please select to re-register your account. You will need to create a new User Name; however, you may use your previous password. You should then be able to follow the prompts to review your Loyalty Rewards balance and account information. If you have additional questions, please contact Loyalty Rewards Customer Service at 855-452-7790. 

Q. When will I be able to view my earned Rewards point balance on the Loyalty Rewards site?

A. Upon logging into the Loyalty Rewards site for the first time, you will be able to view your Loyalty Rewards point balance. 

Q. How can I view and redeem my Loyalty Rewards points? 

A. Log into Home or Mobile Banking to see your current balance and to redeem points.

Q. Will Loyalty Rewards points also be listed on my monthly credit card statement?

A. Yes, however, the total points balance will be from the 20th of the previous month. 

Q. What types of redemption options are available with Loyalty Rewards?

A. There are a variety of redemption options available within the categories of merchandise, travel and gift cards.

Q. Is there a way for me to earn additional (bonus) points?

A. Yes, you can earn additional bonus points from participating merchants when using your Glass City Visa Rewards card at participating AMPRE merchants, both online and in-store. Point earnings will vary based upon merchant. Each merchant’s Point earning ratio is listed on the Loyalty Rewards website under the “Earn More” tab. You can agree to receive all future AMPRE correspondence and notices electronically to the email address provided when registering on the Loyalty Rewards website.

FURTHER QUESTIONS? Contact Loyalty Rewards at 855-452-7790.