“Make the Switch” Checklist

At Glass City Federal Credit Union, we want to make it as quick, easy and effortless as possible to switch your accounts to the credit union. Simply refer to this checklist to help you make the switch!

What to bring with you:

  • Valid driver’s license or state issued ID
    •  If your address is different than stated on your ID please bring a current utility bill. If your name is different due to marriage, please bring your marriage license.
    •  A second form of identification is required, and may include one of the following:
      □ College Photo ID
      □ Military ID
      □ Major Credit Card
      □ Recent Pay Stub
      □ Recent Tax Return
      □ Social Security Statement
    • $25 must be deposited into your Glass City Federal Primary Share Account (S1). If you sign up for directdeposit, the $25 may be transferred to your S1 from your first deposit.

After opening your account, please consider the following changes that may need to be made:

      1. Do you have any direct deposits/automatic deposits that will need to be switched?
        □ Employer deposit
        □ Brokerage deposits
        □ Government deposit
        □ Child support or court-ordered deposits
        □ Social Security Administration
        □ Other
      2. Do you have any automatic payments/withdrawals that will need to be switched?
        □ Mortgage/Rent
        □ Auto Loan
        □ Association Fees
        □ Club/Membership Dues
        □ Internet Service
        □ Cable TV/Satellite
        □ Investments
        □ Credit Cards
        □ Utilities: Gas, Electric, Water
        □ Phone/Cell Phone
        □ Online Billing
        □ Other
      3. Close all other savings, checking and bill pay accounts. List all financial institutions with current accounts:
      4. Transfer high-rate credit card balances to your Glass City Platinum Visa. List all credit cards you may be interested in transferring balances:
      5. Additional options Glass City Federal can offer:
        □ Finance/refinance your auto loan
        □ Money-Market accounts
        □ Finance/refinance your mortgage
        □ Financial/retirement planning
        Open additional savings accounts, such as:
        □ Christmas Club □ Vacation Club

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