Open a Glass City Christmas/Holiday Club account today!

Open a Glass City Christmas/Holiday Club account today!

Why not be better financially prepared for next holiday season? Open a Christmas/Holiday Club savings account and save throughout the year. Set up automatic deposits to the account every pay period or on a schedule that works best for you. Every November 1, Christmas/Holiday Club balances are automatically transferred to your checking account or your Primary Share Savings account if you don’t have a Glass City checking account. There is no minimum balance requirement for this account; therefore, you can keep growing your savings year after year!


For more information or to open a Vacation Club or Christmas/Holiday Club savings account, visit your nearest Glass City branch.

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Shared Branching

Glass City Federal Credit Union is part of Shared Branching—a network of credit unions across the country that actually shares their branches with each other. As a Glass City member, you can use any other participating credit union’s branch for most deposits, withdrawals, loan payments, transfers, and other transactions.