Privacy Policy

When you access Glass City Federal Credit Union’s website or utilize our online banking service, we and our business partners who help us deliver these services will have access to your personal information.


We DO NOT sell any of your personal information to a third party for its own use. We will maintain any information provided, as well as your business transactions, according to our high security and confidentiality standards. Please be advised that we may disclose information on your accounts or information contained in member files, provided to the credit union through the website, to credit bureaus or agencies who have a legitimate purpose for obtaining information.

We may also disclose information obtained through our website or through email communications when it is necessary to complete the transaction, verify the status of your account or membership for an appropriate third party, such as a credit bureau, to comply with a court order, comply with the request of a government agency or regulatory body, or if we receive your permission to do so.

If you have further questions regarding Glass City Federal Credit Union policies, please contact us here or at any branch by calling 419.887.1000 or 800.837.3595.