Promotional Share CD rates that work for you!

Promotional Share Certificates of Deposit**


Minimum Deposit

Dividend Rate


14 Month CD** $500 4.75% 4.84%
20 Month CD** $500 4.25% 4.32%

New money is required for all Promotional Share CDs/IRA CDs listed.

**See full disclosures listed in the link below.

Click here for our Deposit rate sheet.

Click here for our Share Certificate of Deposit Policy and Disclosures.

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5,000 shared branches nationwide!

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Shared Branching

Glass City Federal Credit Union is part of Shared Branching—a network of credit unions across the country that actually shares their branches with each other. As a Glass City member, you can use any other participating credit union’s branch for most deposits, withdrawals, loan payments, transfers, and other transactions.